Thursday, May 29, 2008

just starting....

O.K., my sister is going to be so proud of me because im finally writing in a blog!! I really don't like this kind of stuff, and I suck at writing but i want to write what is in my day so i can go back and laugh! My kids do things sometimes that makes me want to sell them but when i tell others about it they laugh and it makes me laugh about it too. i guess i will start with austin, who is 8 yrs old and going into the 3rd grade which is really weird for me. i love this child, but he is so impatient. today, he wanted to ride this mini motorcycle that his dad fixed for him ( i know im crazy and yes we will probably end up in the ER with it) but it was in the shed, locked up! i was doing what i always do (feeding the twins) when he got the key to unlock the shed. i told him to just wait on me and i would help. he insisted that he could do it. as he ran out of the room, i yelled, "DONT FORCE IT", well, he did force it and now half of the key is in the door. he hid from me beside the house crying because he thought i would beat him or something. i guess he thinks im a monster. so, im trying to teach him a little patience and that if he had just waited then he would be riding that motorcycle now. im also trying to teach him that he needs to come to me with his problems and not hide from me! brandon is my other impatient child, which by the way i didnt mention that these kids get it very honest, me and pate are very impatient. brandon, my 4 year old who acts like a 16 yr old girl with his attitude, wanted some breakfast this morning. what kills me is i will ask my boys, "are yall hungry?" and they say, "no"
and so i go and feed the babies and thats when they decide that they are hungry...but not 5 min. ago! so im feeding the twins and i told brandon to wait until im done. he goes into the kitchen, opens the refrigerator and gets the brand new jar of pickles and drops it on the floor. thank goodness it didnt shatter, but the top flew open and pickle juice went all over my floor and fridge. my house smells like one big pickle! and it took a whole roll of paper towels to clean it up! now, i have to say, brandon is a trip! he is one of the reasons i started doing this, because he says so many funny things that i will never in a life time be able to remember them unless i write them down. he is truly peyton jr. first let me just say brando loves to wear things backwards and inside out. i think he does it to annoy me. yesterday, i was using the bathroom, and you know your kids always follow you in there, and he said, "mommy, do you like my shirt?" and i said, "yes, but why do you always wear your shirts backwards?" and he said, "because i like it that way, woman". today, he was in the living room with austin and told austin, "get me a juice box, biotch" and yes he said it that way BIOTCH!! now we do not say this in our house but for his bday he got a kid movie called zathura. there was a kid in that movie who said this! i got on to brandon and told him he would never see his movie again if that was said again. but do you know how hard it is to keep a straight face after hearing a 4 yr old say that? i just know the twins are not going to have a chance with peyton, austin, and brandon in the house!!